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Paul’s urn burial

Today I received this news.

Dear Perry,
on October 22nd Paul Moor’s urn burial took place at the cemetery in Berlin Steglitz, Bergstrasse 38. As Paul had wished, no sign marks his burial place.
Helmut and Christina Moeller and myself attended the burial.
He is buried in field 50 F. The cemetery administration keeps a record of the burials.
Cordial regards

Paul’s legacy

Since Paul’s death, his friends in Berlin helped drive out his apartment, catalog his papers and helped negotiate a permanent disposition of the papers and personal artifacts that he still left. Those things nowadays reside at the Akademie der Künste. You might search “Paul Moor” in the Music archive section to see a listing of the sort of stuff that happen to be cataloged there and designed for inspection if you go to the academy. In the future those individual information will be accessible online, once new computer software is installed and totally functional. Someone with an interest in cross-cultural influences might one day decide to research who the Texas-born Berliner was and what, if any, influence that persona experienced culturally. Provided the disposition of Paul’s personal memorabilia there in Berlin at the Akademie der Künste that analysis is now conceivable and I trust convenient.

Research want that will probably assess the person at a higher level. But there is certainly another Paul that some people knew even more privately. I initially met Paul in an online writers group, as I’ve documented before, in the first 1990s prior to the advent of the internet so that our assembly was via the BBS hub networks and their nightly transfer and distributions of packets of new posts to various community forums. His clever and witty make use of phrases appealed to my very own desire for words and phrase humor.

Earlier this July 4th, I delivered a request to a circle around 30 persons that I knew were friends or acquaintances with Paul on a personal level, inviting them to contribute their story of a vignette or incident that they would contribute to a crowd-sourced, collective word picture of the person many of us knew privately. Anybody who knew him, likewise knew that he was a mortal along with his show of flaws, annoyances, idiosyncrasies, and quirks that are, of course, just like the wrinkles on a person’s deal with, a means of picturing the real guy who drove “assertively” anywhere to the opera but likewise acquired up and walked out if he wasn’t impressed.

The response to my demand stories has been gratifying and promising aswell. Some have already shared some vignettes or recollections. Some possess promised to give it some believed and then to create them up. THEREFORE I anticipate reading those stories because they continue to can be found in.

I have been in touch with Paula Fox (Greenberg) who at 90 has known Paul since she was 16, most likely longer than anyone else alive, and Paula has shared some of her thoughts of their own time together. Talking to her, near 90, about her recollections of when she and Paul achieved as teens evokes the photograph from the movie Titanic of older people example of the Kate Winslet identity recalling her whirlwind experience with the Leonardo DiCaprio figure when they were both in the primary of their youth.

Finally, I wish to announce that To be able to facilitate sharing that sort of story, I've created a group on the subject of Facebook called Remembering Paul Moor. It really is open to anyone who might desire to become a member of and contribute or even to anyone who just wants to see what's there. Each is welcome.

You will find the group at www.facebook.com/groups/PaulMoorStories/ and I am hoping you can do so. 

It’s been too long old friend.

For starters Happy Birthday “Uncle” Paul!

Today could have been your 88th. It seems like a good period to create you once again. I stopped doing this when you passed away on October 11, 2010. I’m not also sure why really. As you know so well, writing is for a few of us as much about receiving what’s inside out since it is about set up designed reader, such as yourself, will ever possibly hear or know very well what was said. That’s particularly true in my own experienced when writing to dead people.

Because it’s been such a long time since I’ve written you, I want to catch you and everybody else up on what has been happening because you shed this mortal coil and still left us to be on without you.

Archiv Paul Moor 6 BoxesI’ve gotten to know and revel in Wolfgang and Ingrid Petri because found in the wake of your passing, Wolfgang took a significant role found in clearing out your apartment, and along the way uncovered these six boxes of your issues, found in the same well-ordered status in which you had left them.

You know of course that I say that with my tongue planted firmly in my own cheek, because both of us know you used to be enraged together with your “Polish pearl” if she disturbed possibly one sheet of the piles of paper you kept lying on any and every horizontal surface on your own desk or the ground around your computer in your office. Hence sorting through your points became a considerable undertaking, however your Berlin network of friends dug into the job diligently and with German productivity and dedication to precision. Once the records, memorabilia, scraps of paper, pictures of men and women and dogs you achieved along the way, all have been identified, sorted and in many cases scanned, the dilemma of where to provide these treasures a everlasting home arose. We investigated what your options were.

During that search, Archive Paul Moor Dr. W. GrünzweigNancy Chapple place us in touch with Dr. Werner Gruenzweig at the Akademie der Künste. We talked about our goals for your items and reached contract to really have the Akademie take possession of these and make them open to whomever might desire to analysis them. Dr. Gruenzweig sometimes appears at the left taking possession of these boxes after their arrival at the repository on February 17, 2012, where they will be placed alongside those of other distinguished persons such as yourself.

Archive Paul Moor Storage space of the AcademySo there, Paul, now I’ve told you about our decisions. I am hoping you are in least half as delighted as I am with this disposition of your estate and your choice we, your heirs, possess made. It is another tribute to the life you led, the contributions you built, and to the crowd of good friends whose lives you touched and whom you left still wanting more. The level can be empty of your occurrence and many folks still miss you, possibly this long once you left us.

So I easily write to your recollection and tell you just like you were still here that if you are gone, you aren't forgotten, nor are you apt to be for a long period to come.

Today We celebrate your birthday, my dear good old friend.