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Paul has asked me personally to put this page together for those of you who may be not used to reading blogs in order that I could answer several questions that might not exactly end up being immediately obvious if you haven’t spent much time reading blogs before. 


You can find a remedy this problem by searching the net, like most anything else. Any search engine you prefer to employ will yield several definitions. But in particular for our mutual good friend Paul, this blog page represents an evolution in the process of doing something he did for almost all of his professional life. It is authoring for publication. What’s different here is that he's publishing himself, without the filtering by an editor or sanctioning by a publishing residence. So in that evolutionary change now there is certainly freedom. I anticipate that freedom will yield a part of Paul’s authoring that only those folks who’ve been on his email list have known in the past. Stay tuned and see if you agree. 


A very important factor that characterizes blogs is normally that the reader can talk back to the writer, more immediately and more directly than generally in most any various other form of publication. At the end of each blog content (the entities that comprise a site), there exists a link that delivers the chance to comment. If no feedback have yet been made to that post, the hyperlink will say No Responses. If comments already exist, the quantity of previous feedback will be listed on the hyperlink, i.e., 1 Comment, 2 Comments, etc. Simply click that link, and you’ll be presented with a screen where you can enter your comment and afterwards click submit to keep your comment for the writer and the other viewers of your blog. Don’t come to be hesitant to comment. Your remarks are welcome. Actually, sometimes the comments on a weblog post is often as interesting as the content itself. 

There’s an added thing about commenting you should be conscious of. The 1st time you content a touch upon this website, your comment will become held for “moderation.” This means that an administrator can look at it to make sure it is a legitimate comment created by a true person and not one submitted by an automated robot, which means that your comment will not really show up on the blog, until it has been moderated. Even so, once you’ve experienced a post approved on your blog, any future comments you make can look immediately. 


If you don’t even understand the question, then here is a training video that will explain what a weblog (or RSS) feed is and just why it is a good notion to utilize them. This Google search provides you more info on RSS feeds.

On this blog, right now there are links in the header image of Paul over in the low right hand corner of that image to the Feed for both content (meaning the average person articles) and for the remarks that you, the readers, make. You can subscribe to either or both of these if you choose.

If you use Internet Explorer 7, this demo will make clear how to sign up to an RSS feed for the reason that browser.

If you use Firefox, see this connect to learn how to sign up to feeds with it.

One of the better (meaning simpler to work with and understand) free sites that will help follow the feeds you sign up to is Google Reader. This help document explains getting started with it and is certainly highly recommended.

But however you tend to follow Paul’s blog page, please go to the site often so he may derive the pleasure of looking at his statistic rise and up and up. Thanks for reading this document. Click here to return to the key page.