Ich bin ein [Texas-Born] Berliner

Life, people, and Kultur

When asked by a publisher to put together a list of persons whom Paul had regarded in his lifestyle, he composed this response. In the future, he’ll share vignettes about a few of his experience with these people. (If some of them particularly pursuits you, say the word and I’ll gladly indulge myself in just a little stroll down my very own personal Memory Lane. - P.M.)

“As a sixteen-year-out of date piano student at Morningside Height’s Juilliard University in New York I lived diagonally across Claremont Avenue in the International House, in which a young troubadour who lived just around the corner on Riverside Drive and had just begun attracting attention on his weekly fifteen-minute radio software used to come around on Sunday afternoons with what he carefully called his git-tar and entertain anybody in the lobby with the cornerstones of the repertoire that made him famous earliest as The Wayfaring Stranger and then as Burl Ives.

In the same everyday coincidental manner, I have enter into personal contact over the decades with a lengthy list of persons who sometimes became personal friends before fame had befallen them or after it already had. To cite only 1 further coincidental case in point, when I came back to New York 3 years later on as a brand-fresh nineteen-year-older Bachelor of Music as identified by the University of Texas, a little-known playwright in that case in California, who passed the antic name Tennessee Williams, did me a generous and crucial favor, despite the fact that he and I'd not meet privately until a number of months later.

Over the decades since that time, in more or less similar manner, my catalogue of friends, acquaintances, and fleeting but memorable personal contacts has come to add - amongst others - these: 

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  • John Adams, Ernst Joseph Aufricht, Georges Auric;
  • Joan Baez, Luciano Berio, Leonard Bernstein, Marc Blitzstein, Herbert Blomstedt, Arna Bontemps, Pierre Boulez, Margaret Bourke-White, Paul Bowles, Brassaï, Alfred Brendel, Benjamin Britten, Louise Brooks, Raymond Burr;
  • John Cage, Robert Capa, Truman Capote, Elliott Carter, Pablo Casals, John Cheever, Van Cliburn, Aaron Copland, Henry Cowell;
  • Edison Denisov, David Diamond, Hedley Donovan;
  • Muriel Gardiner, Ann and Gordon Getty, Günter Grass, Robert Graves;
  • Peter Hall, Patricia Highsmith, Chester Himes, Bob Hope;
  • Eugene Istomin, Charles Ives;
  • Margo Jones;
  • William Kapell, Herbert von Karajan, Kiril Kondrashin, Nikita Khrushchov;
  • John Latouche, Evelyn Lear, Lotte Lenya, Ivy and Tanya Litvinov, Witold Lutoslawski;
  • Kurt Masur, Zubin Mehta, Yehudi Menuhin, W. S. Merwin, Darius Milhaud, Gjon Mili, Agnes de Mille, Jessica Mitford, Dimitri Mitropoulos;
  • John Jacob Niles, Luigi Nono;
  • Flannery O’Connor, Carl Orff;
  • Dorothy Parker, Peter Pears, Krzysztof Penderecki, George Perle;
  • Thomas Quasthoff;
  • Regina Resnik, Sviatoslav Richter, Lynn Riggs, Jerome Robbins, Ned Rorem, Mstislav Rostropovich;
  • Aksel Schiötz, Ronald Searle, Pete Seeger, Rudolf Serkin, Isaac Stern, Thomas Stewart, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Igor Stravinsky;
  • Maggie Teyte, Alice B. Toklas;
  • Carl Van Vechten;
  • Evelyn Waugh, and Frank Lloyd Wright.”